Contemplating Medium

I recognize that I’ve been absent in my blog maintenance, so for the 3 people who have checked in (well, a random 52 person spike in May, despite no posts), my apologies. I won’t bore you with 52-55 hour work weeks (with many exciting components that are fleshing out my professional development), moving tribulations and […]

Why Not? Why “Power” is in PowerPoint

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. Right after my last post, my social life went a bit pear-shaped due to the strains of a social life on a moderate-extreme introvert (I know, it’s hard having friends). I prioritized the essentials and bore through and survived the holiday season, I think. We’ll see. However, one […]

The Art of Follow-Through and SEO

One of my biggest struggles in self-improvement has always been following through. Not following through or committing was a large contributor to my less-than stellar high school GPA.  The same lack of consistency remained as I drifted through my first year of college. Luckily, the consequences of my actions were enough to get me in […]