Hornblower Web Page Wire Frames with Sarah Jean Ferraris

This is a collaboration highlighting the product management of a web page, starting with conceptual ask to lo-fi wireframe, to designed page concept to web development implementation. Here, we look at three concepts that utilized dev work already in place to introduce a new function or elevate the visual experience for the guest.

The three requests were:

News/ Media Hub Page for our PR Team, accelerated by Covid-19

Real Weddings Page to highlight the onboard experiences for Brides & Grooms

To-Go Experience Hub, introducing a new product format

These low-fi wireframes take advantage of the hard-coded elements already available to the web and dev team, and were used to solicit buy-in from key stakeholders for each request, set expectations and incorporate any essential elements.

This News/ Media Hub combined elements that were already developed: blog, media asset portal, forms and combined them to a concentrated archive for media outlets

The Real Weddings page took a concept that existed on our previous domain pages and curated & humanized content while also providing a more direct CTA to prospective guests

The To-Go page again took advantage of existing dev, but centralized a new product with rich content to educate and easily promote outside of the domain

These hi-fi wireframe were created by Sarah Jean Ferraris , our Senior Graphic Designer, which demonstrates the brand guidelines to utilize the web development at hand while also elevating the site experience. This also introduced our brand colors in a more prominent way into these pages to better convey and connect to customers. She also created this infographic for the News page, which is a synopsis of our “about us” document and further develops the new brand guidelines:

The video below capture the user experience with the finished Media/ PR page product, which can be found at https://www.hornblower.com/news.

This page showcases the major asks from our PR and Marketing stakeholders, including a sub-blog for press releases (new to the company), and our first published media portal that allows news and media outlets to engage and find our approved images for publication in a flexible and efficient manner.